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Cotton Yoga Strap

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Want to improve your flexibility, increase strength and take your yoga practice to next level?

YogiMall’s pure cotton D-Ring Yoga Strap is for you. If you are currently having trouble touching your fingers to your toes, head to knee or want to deepen your stretches then using our Yoga Strap will decrease tension and improve flexibility and allow you to stay in poses longer. Yoga Straps can also be used for physical therapy.

The Yoga Strap is useful to improve following common yoga poses

Head-to-Knee Pose/ Janu Sirsasana, Half or Full Boat Pose / Navasana, Seated Forward Bend / Paschimottanasana, Dancer’s Pose / Natarajasana, Cow Face Pose / Gomukhasana, Opening the Shoulders, Shoulder Stretch, Shoulder Stand, Extended Hand to Big Toe.


Length: 6 feet, Width: 1.5 inches, Thickness: 2 mm

Care Instructions:

Hand wash or use a soft brush with a non-oil based soap and dry outside in the sun.

Order Today, Improve your flexibility and balance


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